Malmö Chop Shop

Malmö fyller dussin, kom och fira med oss!

Två år efter att Malmö Historiska Fäktskola missat att fira sitt 10-årsjubileum tänkte vi se till att fira riktigt, och ta igen de förlorade åren!

Detta kan bara göras på riktigt MHFS-vis, med skarphuggning och grillning.

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9:00- 11:00
Workshop: Cutting technique
Learn the basics of cutting with swords. The workshop will cover both two handed and one handed cutting. Clay targets will be provided and only blunt swords will be used. Swords will be provided, but you are welcome to bring ýour own swords.

Safety instructions
MANDATORY for anyone that wants to use, or be near to, the sharp swords used in the workshop or competition. A rundown of the rules that you must be aware of and follow when you are near to, or using sharp swords. There will also be a part of this dedicated to explaining how the next workshop will work.


Workshop: Tatami cutting
Every participant has four prepared tatami mats that they can cut. There will be three stands for cutting. At two of these there will be sharp swords, one longsword and one one handed sword, for the participants to use. The third stand is reserved for those who have their own cutting implements. The clay targets will be available during the workshop.

To celebrate our 12th anniversary we will barbeque some food and have a jolly old time! MHFS will provide two barbeques, one for meat and one for vegetarian food, and all the potatoe salad and other extras that make for a great meal. You just bring your own main course to barbeque and something to drink. More specific information on what is on offer will be given closer to the event.


The qualifiers for the two handed and one handed swords. Rules will be posted later.


The three finalist from each of the two categories go head to head in the finals to decide who is the best two handed cutter and the best one handed cutter.