Anti doping facts

Handling Doping Issues

If a member sees a suspected doping situation, they are required to inform the safety and security group, a trainer or a member of the board. This can be done either verbally or in writing to either the entire group or to a member of it.

When a report has been made the group will first make sure that the reported incident falls under the group’s responsibility. If this is the case the investigation moves on to a preliminary investigation to gather the basic information needed to start the true investigation that is described below.

Investigating an Issue

As soon as an investigation is started the persons involved must be informed. One or more members of the group gather information by talking to the involved persons and witnesses. It is very important that the person or persons that have been reported as responsible gets to tell their version of what happened.

All fact that are gathered must be treated equally. No disciplinary actions are discussed during the investigation; it is a pure fact gathering exercise. All gathered facts should be written down.

Disciplinary Actions

When the investigation is finished the group gathers and decides if a doping issue has occurred and if disciplinary actions are needed. As much as possible these meetings should be face to face to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid wasting time.

The chosen disciplinary actions must fit the situation and all confirmed doping issues will be reported to the proper authorities. Any disciplinary actions decided by the authorities will be followed.

Any member that has been deemed to have broken the rules about doping will be either suspended or expulsed from the club for a set amount of time. The length of the suspension or expulsion will be set according to the severity of what occurred and can be permanent.

There can be extenuating circumstances connected to a doping issue. In which case these will be taken into account and the disciplinary actions will be less severe and a suspension might not be required.

If a suspended or expelled member is enrolled for a competition or workshop, that requires attending persons to be members of a club, it is that former member’s responsibility to inform the organisers that he or she cannot take part of it. Any fees that will not be refunded are paid by the expelled member. The former member cannot use the connection to MHFS to gain or keep a competition card from Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet or any other such documentation.

Other disciplinary actions – The group has the right to decide on other disciplinary actions as they find suitable.

Reporting the decision

When a decision has been made it must be reported to the board. The board then decides if the investigation was adequate and if a reasonable decision was reached. The board then chooses who will report the decision to the involved members. All involved members must be informed both verbally and in writing. A copy of the report is saved on the MHFS board´s facebook page and a printed copy is saved in the club secretary’s binder. The member must also be informed that there is a two week period where the decision can be appealed against. Such an appeal must be sent to within those two weeks.