Club membership

If you come to us to try HEMA you will have three free practices that you can use as you want. You might want to try all three different weapons, longsword, sword and buckler and montante, or just one of them three times.

Training- and memberfees

The following fees are for those that want to actively train with us:

  • 850 sek for those with a full time job
  • 600 sek for students and those without a job

Included in these fees is a membership fee of 50 sek.
They payment is made to the following bank transfer: 278-9683. Mark the payment with NAME, YEAR OF BIRTH and the TERM you are paying for. You also need to tell us if you want a receipt. An example: Morgan Hedström, 88, VT16, receipt.

It is enough if you pay as soon as you have used up your three free practices.

Please contact us on if you have any questions.