Hello everyone, our time is here!

Fall is coming on, and with that we’re moving inside, as corona-safe as we can manage. The official start for this semester is week 36, Tuesday 7th of September.

These will be the training times for the autumn:

Tuesdays: Longsword 18:30-21:00 at St Petriskolans gymnastics hall

Wednesdays: Jogo do Pau 17:00-21:00 at St Petriskolans gymnastics hall, times are subject to change

Thursdays: Sword & Buckler 19:00-21:00 at Österportsskolans gymnastics hall

We will open up for a soft start for our current and older members from the 24th of August. As we are currently in the throes of a global pandemic, we ask everyone to think and follow their own conscience and to stay home if you feel any symptoms of illness. Our instructors will do their best to make it so we are not all training on top of each other and we are also taking it on us to send latecomers home if we feel that our hall is full.

Hope to see you soon!