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Forums and organizations
Clubs outside Sweden
Manuals, techniques and other reading material
Equipment and swords


Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet

Svenska HEMA-Förbundet – our federation

Esfinges – international women’s HEMA network

HROARR – database for HEMA

HEMA Alliance Forum – non-profit service organization for HEMA

Wiktenauer – an ongoing collaboration between researchers and practitioners within HEMA

Historiallisen miekkailun seura EHMS (Helsinki in Finland)

Københavns Historiske Fægteklub (Copenhagen in Denmark)

Fekteklubben Frie Duellister (Oslo, Jessheim, Bergen och Tromsø in Norway)

Halden HEMA (Halden in Norway)

Talk to your coach or someone from the board if you have tips on relevant links here.

Svensk HEMA – independent Facebook group

Valborg – a group for Swedish and Swedish-speaking HEMA practitioners with female experiences

MHFS.s kvinnor, transpersoner, icke-binära + – a group in MHFS for women, transgender, non-binary and all others who do not see themselves as cismen

MHFS Sabel – a group for discussion of saber in MHFS

MHFS Montante & Jogo do Pau – a group for discussion of Montante and Jogo do Pau in MHFS

Talk to your coach or someone from the board if you have tips on relevant links here.

swedenmhfs – MHFS club account

Talk to your coach or someone from the board if you have tips on relevant links here.

Akademia Szermierzy – historical fencing and storytelling from a HEMA club in Poland

Sarimner Historical european martial arts – fencing with the main focus on one handed swords

Schildwache Potsdam – instructional videos from a HEMA club in Germany

Schola Gladiatoria – fencing, military history, sword reviews and more

Tempus Fugitives – elizabethan swordsmanship in London

The Dagger Symposium – a podcast about daggers in the context of HEMA

Virtual Fechtschule – fencing with the langes messer

MHFS Bilder – dropbox with the club’s own photos

Club books

As a paying member you can borrow these books – send a question to

The Art of Combat: A German Martial Arts Treatise of 1570 Joachim Meyer ISBN: 9781848327788

Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Manual of Swordfighting and Close-Quarter Combat Hans Talhoffer & Mark Rector
ISBN: 1853674184

The Art of Swordsmanship by Hans Lecküchner (Armour and Weapons)Translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng
ISBN: 9781783272914

Ridolfo Capoferro’s The Art and Practice of Fencing: A Practical Translation for the Modern Swordsman Tom Leoni
ISBN: 9780982591192

The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: Royal Armouries MS I.33
ISBN: 9780948092855

Instruktion i sabelfäktning till fots Nordenskjöld

Broadsword and Singlestick: With Chapters on Quarter-staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-stick, Umbrella, and Other Weapons of Self-defense R. Allanson-Winn & C. Phillips-Wolley
ISBN: 9781581605129

Theory and Practice of La Verdadera Destreza Alberto Bomprezzi
ISBN: 9788409175277

Lannaireachd: Gaelic Swordsmanship Christopher Thompson
ISBN: 1591092361

The Duel, or the Flower of Arms for Single Combat, Both Offensive and Defensive Achille Marozzo

The Flower of Battle: MS Ludwig XV13
ISBN: 9780984771691

Sigmund Ringeck’s Knightly Arts Of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting, Wrestling, and Fighting in Armor David Lindholm & Peter Svärd
ISBN: 9781581604993

Codex Wallerstein: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger, and Wrestling Grzegorz Źabiński & Bartłomiej Walczak
ISBN: 1581603398

The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: A Facsimile & Translation of Europe’s Oldest Personal Combat Treatise, Royal Armouries MS I.33 Paul Wagner & Stephen Hand
ISBN: 1891448382

English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver Stephen Hand
ISBN: 1891448277

Foundational description of the art of fencing: Reference edition – volume 1 – translation Joachim Meyer
ISBN: 9781953683311

Foundational description of the art of fencing: Reference edition – volume 2 – illustrations Joachim Meyer
ISBN: 9781953683335

Rörlighet – träning för bättre prestation Mats Mejdevi
ISBN: 9789187745935

Träna snabbhet och explosivitet Mattias Sunneborn
ISBN: 9789187745034

Skador & sjukdomar – akut omhändertagande inom idrotten Eva Andersson & Kristjan Oddsson
ISBN: 9789187745621

Träna ryggen Tomas Lihagen
ISBN: 9789186323639

Träningslärans grunder – träna effektivare Tobias Elgh
ISBN: 9789187745652

Knäkontroll – en väg till skadefri idrott Anette von Porat
ISBN: 9789186323615

Kvinnor & träning Lisbeth Wikström & Anna Nordström
ISBN: 9789177270072

Instruktioner i sabelfäktning till fots Tillskriven Vicktor Balck

Before ordering equipment or weapons, talk to your coatch.

Other equipment