Sword lending

If you want to borrow a sword simulator, you first talk to your coach – then you can fill in the form.

Then notify your coach that you have completed the form and the next practice you can attend to pick up the simulator – don’t forget to bring something to transport it in. While the simulator is in your care, you should always have it well packed to and from training, even to and from the car in the parking lot.

The borrower must take care of the loaned simulator(s), which must be returned whole, cleaned and well maintained. Should damage more extensive than normal wear and tear occur, the borrower is responsible for this. The borrower is obliged to inform the lessor about damage or lost simulants. Compensation for re-acquisition of unusable or lost simulators in addition to what constitutes a result of normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the borrower.

Approximate value per simulator is 750 kronor. The lending period is a maximum of 6 months. The lender can revoke the loan of the simulator earlier if this is deemed necessary by the lender.