Our goal at MHFS is to offer a training program that fits anyone that is interested, no matter their background or ambition. We welcome anyone that wants to train together with us; man or woman, young or old. We do have an age limit of eighteen years for insurance reasons.

We mainly train historical fencing with sword and buckler, longsword and staff. Everything we train is based on historical sources from the middle ages and the renaissance. Our staff follows the traditional Portuguese form Jogo do Pau. Sometimes we will train with other weapons and systems like dagger, wrestling, sabre, rapier and pole arms.

Historical fencing is a wide subject that offers many different weapons and systems and a very varied training experience. A well balanced training program should contain as many of the parts listed below as possible:

  • Solo drills to improve footwork and concentration.
  • Partner drills to improve technique and precision.
  • Sparring to evaluate and improve the ability to use techniques dynamically.
  • Competitions to test oneself against others, often from outside of MHFS.
  • Practice cutting of different materials with sharp weapons to get a better understanding of how they work.
  • Theory in the form of studying the manuals to ensure that the historical basics are respected.

Thank you to Hans Jörnlind who’s thoughts inspired the above list.
Below you find some links to more information about the specific weapons that MHFS trains with and to the equipment you need to do that safely.