Newsletter Malmö Historical Fencing School 24/5 2023

Hello everyone!

Soon the summer will be upon us. Our last day of training will be on the 1/6, after which we will go on with our summer semester. As per usual this will be held in the great outdoors, and will also not be held as we usually do during the Spring and Autumn semesters.

Instead it will be on a day-to-day basis. Keep an eye out in the facebook group and on discord about when training will be held.

We usually train at Lördagsplan in Slottsparken at about the same times as usual mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except for rainy days.

During summer training, the focus will shift slightly to more sparring, and if you don’t have the equipment for it, or want some kind of excercise to work on, there is oftentimes space for that as well. Check with the people who are turning up if they can help you.

Other than that, we hope to see you again come Fall. We will update you with exact dates for this when we are booked for the Fall semester.

Stuff to look forward to:

  • 19/8 will have our annual summer party. We will cut with sharp swords, barbecue and hang out. More information will come.
  • Around the end of August/early September we will start up the semester again if everything works out as usual.
  • We are going to hold a buckler building/mask painting workshop
  • We will try to do a judge/sparring training session
  • At least hold one extra training day for our MHFS women/trans/nonbinary+ group

Great work everyone, thank you for an amazing semester, and see you all come summer!

Do you have questions or thoughts about anything club related? Reach out to us here: