Newsletter Malmö Historiska Fäktskola 29/11 2023


We are moving fast towards the end of 2023 and the yearly holiday break. We have three weeks worth of fencing left until the holidays. Thursday 14th of December will be our last training for the year, and Monday 8th of January will be our first for 2024. We still have a packed December to get through, so hold on to your pants and have a look at the events on our facebook page:

– 2 December: Drabant Cup 2023. Our sibling club in Lund are holding a competition! If you are interested in joining as audience to see some top-class fencing, please go and watch!

– 9 December: Prep-meeting for SM 2024. MHFS are hold the Swedish Championships in HEMA in june 2024. This is a prepmeet for those interested in knowing more about the event and also for those of us who are interested in helping out. See you at Eva and Andreas’ place!

– 10 December: Train HEMA with a female body. Gunilla will hold another workshop and discussion about training a medieval martial art made by and for people with biologically male bodies when you are in the ownership of a biologically female body.

16 December: MHFS Holiday Special 2023 – ur holiday ending event! Come spar, roll the Wheel of Misfortune, do some Parrot Fencing or play with our MHFS deck of cards. We’ll buy julmust, gingerbread cookies and foam gnomes for you to enjoy. If you don’t have any gear, we can lend some masks, neck protectors and foam swords for you to try out some sparring with. For those of you who want to buy some gear, this is also a good chance to get to touch, feel and try some stuff out. Come and hang out with us! For the evening we have also gotten some tables at Taproom for some evening hangouts.

Some plans for 2024 when we are at it.

End of February: Our annual meeting. Keep an eye out for a date. If you are interested in joining the board in some capacity, please talk to Adam Thorp on facebook or PM on discord.

2 March: Dennis Ljunqvist’s competition workshop. Meet one of Swedens greatest competitive fencers in a workshop. Keep an eye out for more info.

6-8 June: SM i HEMA. Our preliminary date for the Swedish Championships in HEMA. More info pending.

For those of you not on Facebook and want to attend, send us a mail and we will help out.

Other than that, the board wishes to say thanks for an awesome term with bot new and old fencers. Take care out there!

Do you have questions or thoughts about anything club related? Reach out to us here: We also have a discord server here: